Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Contract Killer, an addictive free Xbox Live game for your Windows Phone!

The new game for Xbox Live this week is Contract Killer , a dynamic and immersive RPG developed by Glu Mobile software house and available for free download on the Marketplace. In this adventure, playful take on the role of a hired killer engaged in various assassination missions.

To accomplish your task you will have provisions in 20 different weapons, including sniper rifles and machine guns but only with skill, aim and speed of action you will be able to hit your target.Each mission will make you lose a certain amount of energy and regain their strength and make the game faster than you can buy some extra features and new weapons dall'apposito Store.
Dragged into a world of bounty hunters, gangsters and criminals, you have to get in touch with your hook and accept SECRET MISSIONS that only you are able to accomplish. Choose your weapon of choice from a list that includes sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns. Find your target, close the view, take aim and SHOOT THE HEAD to earn good money. You may delete a bad boss and escape without being detected or you might end up straight into an ambush ...
The game features 3D graphics well done, 5 different environments, 17 Story Missions and unlimited Random Missions. And of course, scores goals and who will go to update your profile XBox Live.
If interested click the link or use Bing Vision bets on the QR Code to download this game on your device.

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