Friday, December 14, 2012

MetroTube updated to version 4.0 and is now Windows Phone 8 compatible

Windows Phone 8 has been available for some time now and with the arrival of the first devices that use newest Microsoft mobile OS, developers have started to publish on the Windows Phone Store new applications for Windows Phone 8 or update that existing one in order to become compatible with the latest Windows Phone OS.  

Among the many who have received this useful app update, it adds another in these days, very widely known and used by thousands of users Windows PhoneWe are talking about for one of the best YouTube application, the MetroTube developed by Lazyworms Applications , which these days has been brought to version 4.0 , adding among other things, compatibility with Windows Phone 8. 
MetroTube , for the few who do not know, is a good application that allows users to view, directly on their smartphones, videos from YouTube , so that you can access at any time to the most interesting movies directly from your smartphone. The latest update brings the application to version 4.0, and in addition to this compatibility, it also introduces some interesting improvements. 

The first is certainly the ability to pre-load the videos, with the appropriate key present in each video, and display them subsequently, in a very simple and intuitive without the need to load at the time of the vision. With optional fast-resume, furthermore, users will be able to go back in the APA without reloading the video from the beginning. A series of updates that make the application even more useful. 

MetroTube is available at a price of $0.99 and can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store

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