Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Angry Birds Seasons for Windows Phone 8 is now available for download

Rovio has just released Angry Birds Seasons for device Windows Phone 8. We could only hope that Rovio soon will also release the game for the WP7.x users so all the Windows Phone users will enjoy this beautiful game.
To mark the occasion, of the Chinese New Year and the celebration of Halloween, Rovio has also included a number of extra levels, surpassing that of the disproportionate number of 300 levels.
Angry Birds Seasons is undoubtedly a suitable title to all sorts of gamers thanks to the simple and straightforward gameplay, yet very deep.
Rovio is now synonymous with the highest quality games on Windows Phone 8 and seeing the much-loved Angry Birds Seasons is definitely a particularly reassuring news for those who bought a smartphone with the new Mobile OS from Microsoft.
Angry Birds Seasons, as well as all other versions of the game is available for purchase from the Windows Phone Store at a cost of $ 0.99 with free trial included

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