Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sketch Camera - Turn your photos into paintings!

At least once in their life, everyone has tried to capture a landscape or a beautiful sunset, but unfortunately, often the result was anything but memorable.
Today is no longer a problem since Sketch Room, an application developed for all Windows Phones will edit your photos with effects worthy every penny.

The app features an excellent speed of use and an intuitive graphical cured and, once initiated, will be sufficient to perform a side-swipe to choose whether to use an image already loaded into the memory of your terminal or edit the captured image time from the camera. After choosing the right basis, the "new artist" will only scroll arrows that allow you to scroll through several filters and, once you reach the desired result, save your work in the Images Gallery.

Sketch is available in the WP Marketplace at a price of $1.49 and has a free trial version (which, unfortunately, is limited to a single filter).

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