Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Battleship - Modern naval battle game in multiplayer mode for Xbox live on Windows Phone

Battleship is the modern version of the classic naval battle made ​​by Electronic Arts. The game is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace version, with objectives to unlock and an engaging multiplayer mode asynchronous. The graphics are not top level, but will support the display of the attacks of the enemy, to see the cannon fire and the smoke of the enemy aircraft carriers that sink!

A provision will have three different variations of the game in Single mode (Classic, Salvo and overtake), but in multiplayer (via WiFi, Bluetooth and asynchronous) that the challenges become more challenging and engaging, and it is here that you will opponent to demonstrate their strategic and tactical skills!
The match unless they are faster than the Classic mode because they offer the possibility of firing a number of shots equal to the number of its ships still afloat. Mastery, however, introduces a new variety of weapons, making the gameplay much more dynamic than the traditional.
The game is available for download from WP Marketplace at price off $2.99 , with a free trial included that will let you play in Single mode. 

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