Wednesday, June 6, 2012

GMaps Pro reappears in the WP Marketplace after the copyright infringement

A few weeks ago, at the request of Google, the application GMaps Pro has been removed from  Windows Phone Marketplace due to a request for copyright infringement.
According to the developer Alexey Strakh, the application should have remained hidden in the WP Marketplace in order to give a chance to revisit the source code and delete the contents of discord reported by Google. It seems however that Microsoft has completely removed the software and then publish it again as a new program.

If at first the problem may not leap to the eye, the holders of the first version of GMaps Pro will realize quickly that they can not download any update on the software created by Alexey Strakh precisely because of this new publication. Because users will have to re-download the version found in the Marketplace again and spend the same amount of money paid in advance.
In the meantime, he has announced that completely free version of GMaps Pro will be released next Friday, trying to reach out to users affected by this encounter with blows of copyright.

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