Thursday, June 7, 2012

PrimeTube is bumped to v2.0 with many improwements

Despite the lack of a proper official YouTube application for Windows phones, for several months, independent developers have put to work to achieve client officers who carry out this work very well.

Among these, we find the great PrimeTube that with the new update that pushes her to the 2.0 version brings several interesting innovations.

"version 2.0 
-- HD, HQ and LQ video support
 -- In-app video player + ability to switch between native and In-app player
-- German and Italian language support 
-- Video upload - Instant and queued uploads with push notifications 
-- Video recording and video library 
-- Live tile support - Application main tile + Secondary video and author tiles 
-- Latest subscription videos on main page 
-- View comments on a full page version 1.1 
-- Search for videos; filter and sort results. 
-- Like/Dislike videos, read and reply to comments 
-- Pin videos, playlists and authors (featuring live tile support) for instant access 
-- Share videos via social networks, email and SMS 
-- Create playlists and manage your subscriptions
-- Complete music + video hub integration -- Multi-region support 
-- Supports Fast-App Switching . The app will be updated as and when new api updates are provided by YouTube. "

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