Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ubisoft releases companion Uplay app for Windows Phone

Fans of the famous software company Ubisoft, known for brands such as Assassin's Creed, Fitness Evolved, Just Dance and many others, will certainly be pleased to be able to download the official Uplay companion app.
The holders of securities of the French certainly have been explored and used several times the service Uplay. The software does allow the various players to create their own accounts and access a range of information and exclusive content. Moreover, for each purchase is given a certain score, you can keep track of new releases, acquire new weapons and more.

For example, if you own Fitness Evolved Kinect and has already registered the product, once logged on with Your Shape is very likely to see Ubisoft deliver a € 10 bonus directly to your account Uplay, valid for any purchase.
The Uplay application contains a number of features of particular interest, namely when we launched the software to find Uplay Win, Uplay Games Uplay Profile and Uplay Shop. With Uplay Win you can redeem codes to unlock extra content while thanks to Games Uplay you can read tips and guidelines for dealing with the best games.
Obviously Uplay Profile allows the player to manage your account while Uplay Shop is based on the classical concept of virtual shop where to make purchases. A short feature will enable Ubisoft Uplay Friends, able to transform the application into a social network.

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