Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Extraction is the newest Xbox Live game for Windows Phone 7

The new Xbox Live game this week is Extraction, a kind of strategic shooter in which we must exterminate huge amount of inhospitable zombie in a long and difficult 4-5 hours campaign.
The title, as well as presenting a decent 3D graphics, touch controls implements very unusual for this kind of game. As the game suggests, in fact, we control the entire gameplay with the use of a single finger (just like in strategy games) increasing the focus on different enemies simply by making a swipe on them.

Try this explosive top-down view shooter in 3D inspired by the classic back and designed specifically for the touch screen. Some illegal government experiments on military personnel and POWs have gone wrong, unleashing an onslaught of infected soldiers in the areas surrounding the secret facility.
You play a private military operator hired to exterminate the infected. With a one-finger control system unique, stunning graphics, a wide variety of available weapons, four game modes, upgrades and more, Extraction will leave you breathless.
Extracton is designed with a fully 3D engine for immersive gaming experience.
Complete the story of the single player campaign lasting 4-5 hours. Discover the secrets of the government and the real reasons behind this attack.
Four game modes: Extermination, Rescue, Repair and Escort.
Ten powerful weapons, from machine guns Desert Eagle super-destructive, each with incredible upgrades to unlock. In addition, four special weapons with intuitive control mechanics.
Earn experience and use it to get upgrades for your character armor, melee attacks and much more. Become a deadly army of one man.
Extraction is downloaded from the Marketplace to the excellent price of $ 0.99 with trial version included. To download use Bing Vision on the QR code below or click here.

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