Monday, October 15, 2012

Gmaps Pro bumped to version 1.26 with support for public transport

Gmaps Pro , the Google Maps client for Windows Phone gets a new update, in anticipation of the arrival of Windows Phone 8 , with the version that goes from 1.25 to 1.26 . 

Despite the modest increase in the number, different and very interesting are the changes introduced the new features, starting with the addition to the support for Public Transportation, up to the correction of several bugs in the previous version. 

Below is the full changelog:
  • Support to Public Transportation
  • Improvements in "Driver"
    - Speed ​​separated
    - Buttons Start / Stop / Redirect
    - Fixed line route partially visible
    - Restore speed in case of arrest
    - Stop navigating reach their destination
  • Alternative routes
  • New compass
  • Zoom double tap
As usual you can update for free, or to purchase the app at a cost of $ 1.99 at Windows Phone Store.

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