Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spy Mouse and Trivial Pursuit, two more Nokia exclusive Xbox live games

Lately Nokia seems very active in releasing exclusive content for its Windows Phone smartphones.Having recently published The Game Of Life, Jet Set Go and Parking Mania and have made ​​free Mirror's Edge , in the day today added two more titles to the already given collection of Xbox games for the Nokia Lumia devices.

The games in question are Spy Mouse and Trivial Pursuit , made ​​by the recent partnership signed with Electronic Arts that aims to bring new and imported content on the mobile platform from Microsoft. Both games can be downloaded from any device Nokia Windows Phone smartphone, except for the new Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, probably due to a temporary problem present in the store and that Microsoft will hopefully be resolved soon.
In Spy Mouse we should help a little mouse to collect the cheese slices positioned along a path by simply drawing lines until you reach the one way out and avoiding cats ready to ruin our plans. The title is really well done: songs and movies are ideal for the type of game and just the gameplay that will keep us engaged in a number of increasingly difficult levels.
Trivial Pursuit , however, is the reproduction of the classic board game that we all know where we answer many complex questions of general knowledge with a lot of general classifications and different game modes. Of course, like all Xbox Live games , both titles allow you to earn a total of 200 game points thanks to the many targets present.
You can download Spy Mouse and Trivial Pursuit at a price of $ 2.99 with trial version included the relevant links listed below. A follow instead a video that showcases all the games already and arriving for Windows Phone thanks to an agreement between Nokia and EA.
Spy MouseDownload  

Trivial Pursuit  -  Download

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