Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nokia's #2InstaWithLove app is now available for all Windows Phone devices

Nokia has released an application called  #2InstaWithLove to put pressure on the Instagram development team, in order to make them to bring Instagram as soon as possible on  Windows Phone OS.
#2InstaWithLove is app, that simply allows you to apply to your photos a classic filters, or the Polaroid effect, then share them via the hashtag which takes its name from, both on the dedicated website that on your favorite social networks.
Nokia has decided to continue this campaign for Instagram expanding the availability of its application to all Windows Phone devices, to get support even users who do not have a Nokia Lumia.
What do you think? Approved the idea of ​​the Finnish and feel the lack of Instagram on Microsoft's operating system, or you think it superfluous? Let us know your in the comments.
If interested in participating in this initiative and have in possession Windows Phone smartphone, visit Windows Phone Store and get this app.

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