Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SophieLens - Instagram-like Nokia app released for Lumia WP8 devices

Nokia continues to improve its applications portfolio for it's Lumia Windows Phone devices and differentiating its self from the other Windows Phone OEM's and making it's devices more attractive and desired. One of the most recent examples of this marketing strategy that benefits users undoubtedly Lumia application is the photographic SophieLens.
SophieLens can be downloaded for free version by all Lumia Windows Phone 8 owners. Thanks to SophieLens you can apply filters to photos captured by smartphones that allow you to improve with the Instagram-style effects.

The standard filter pack will include 5: Cinematic, Flare, Mayfair, Roid and XPro. Lumia users, in addition to the free download of the application, have the opportunity to take advantage of the extra set "Lomo" consists of 9 filters.

The application offers the possibility to further expand the envelope of filtering on the two packages "Vintage" and "Life in Mono" which can only be unlocked by purchasing the PRO version of the application (you can purchase in-app). The initial allocation of 14 filters in each case is a "bonus" certainly appreciated by the Nokia Lumia users.
SophieLens can be downloaded from the Nokia Collection.

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