Friday, February 17, 2012

CleverPhoto - Take photos like a pro

CleverPhoto is a new photo editor that will gratify beginners (simple and clean user interface) as well as power users and professional photographers(effects capable of the highest quality touch up).
Crop, rotate and adjust colors, apply any number of picture effects like sepia, black and white, negative to create a professionally looking photographs. Results can be published on Facebook to show to your friends and family.
Features Include: 

• Crop photos
• Rotate photos
• Flip photos
• Adjust Brightness
• Adjust Contrast 
• Adjust Sharpness 
• Red eye removal
• Normalize
• Blur Effects
• Black and white
• Negative 
• Sepia
• Color selection
• Instant photo (frame)
• Grunge (frame)
• Colored (frame)
• Old photo
• Palette 
• Vintage 
• Tilt shift 
• Soften - NEW
• 3 new artistic effects 
• Easy Facebook upload
• Easy Flickr upload
CleverPhoto has price tag of $1.49, but there’s also a trial version that you’re more than welcomed to take for a spin.CleverPhoto can be found  here at WP Marketplace


  1. I have used almost every photo editing tools. This is quite new for me. The tool considered some really useful features.

  2. This CleverPhoto is a new photo editor for graphic editor offers a variety of painting and editing tools and features including a text tool.