Monday, June 11, 2012

Beautiful Mind Games Pairanoia is now available for Windows Phone

After releasing titles in the WP Marketplace as Triangula and Orbus ,the developers from Beautiful Mind Games now brings Pairanoia, new puzzle game in a completely free version.
Pairanoia is an addictive strategy game, very close to the concept of traditional Qwirkle, Rummikub and Scrabble. The aim of the game is in fact linked to the continuous coupling of colors, all topped off with a logical, however, in the style of the genre in question.

Every single move in fact must be thought of as a pair can be formed by two adjacent pieces having the same color or the same shape, but excluding the case in which the conditions are both valid. In fact in the case in which two individual plugs are of the same hue and at the same time the same shape then will not be able to redeem points.
Pairanoia has classically mode is used to playing in the single-party game, featuring all of two different objectives. In fact, the single player mode will annihilate many couples as possible and scrape together more and more party points while each user will have to try to block your opponent pairs.
Naturally Beautiful Mind Games provides a ranking in ad hoc network, to share their results and compare them with those of other users of the application owners.
Pairanoia is available in the WP Marketplace completely free.

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