Monday, July 30, 2012

Counters - Nokia Lumia app that lets you monitor your calls, messaging and data

nokia windows phoneNokia windows phone

Nokia has finally released the Beta version of Counters, the exclusive app for Nokia Lumia devices that allows you to monitor the traffic of you Internet connections, but also the number of calls and SMS messages.
The app currently offers only monthly monitoring. From the options, in fact, you can specify the day of the month from which to start the monitoring and since then the number of each call, text messages sent or received during the data transfer and internet 3G connection.
Unfortunately, in this first version the live Tile is not dynamic and therefore does not show the information in the Start Screen. Furthermore, no notification will be displayed at the set limit is exceeded, a feature that will be added with the next release.

If interested you can download by clicking the following link or Counters Bing Vision focusing on the QR Code, obviously without paying a penny! The installation can be performed on devices with firmware Lumia 8773 or 8779 aka Windows Phone Tango.
More info and download here.

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