Monday, July 30, 2012

Weather Channel App 2.0 is now available for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

Weather Channel is a popular application dedicated to the weather forecast is available for all Windows Phone. For several months,Nokia has announced its intention to renew the application in a consistent way, providing exclusive content for owners of Lumia smartphones. Recently, the company's project have materialized in the version 2.0 of the Weather Channel , which can only be used by holders of a Nokia Lumia smartphone.The Nokia Collection continues to be enriched and then day after day, becoming a real added value of the Lumia devices.
The first change of note is the integration of augmented reality to receive information on weather data in the neighborhood. With this mode you can view pictures that describe the weather conditions of the program iWitness from Weather Channel.

Other new features include the ability to know the weather conditions of the places where their friends are taking advantage of the Facebook account and Microsoft, and the function "My Weather amazing" that allows you to receive weather alerts and customizable screen placeable start.
The application, as mentioned at the beginning is only available for smartphones Lumia and so far only in some markets (USA and UK are among the countries in which you can download the application). 

Via WPCentral

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