Friday, July 6, 2012

Zombies, Run! Now available in Windows Phone Marketplace

Thousands of users and especially fitness enthusiasts jogging now use their phone as a small personal trainer can store the various statistics and play your favorite music.
There are actually a myriad of software that can keep control of their training but among them stands out Zombies, Run! , a real application is outside the norms and catapults the player into a truly unique and engaging experience.
Programmers home Six to Start and then decide to capture the player in a world overrun by zombies and of course the unfortunate user must do everything to save his skin. While we are faced with the classic plot hackneyed view myriads of horror movies and video games, in Zombies, Run! everything will be done through the headphones of your device.
There is no system of control within Zombies, Run! but the player must use their race to escape the attacks of the Dead, which will take place through the narrative voice application. The player will then escape from the dangerous creatures using their legs and following the instructions that are given as in the game. E 'can also collect items on the street, including special weapons and medkits.
Obviously the software is used primarily to maintain their fitness routines and then some work as a normal application for fitness, storing their performance.
Zombies, Run! is without doubt a great way to shake up two completely different kinds of play, making the experience unique and fun. Perhaps the release price is slightly expensive $7.99 with free trial, but the application is truly unique.

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