Saturday, October 27, 2012

The official Foursquare app for Nokia Lumia devices is updated to version 2.12

Few days ago Nokia has released a version of Foursquare dedicated exclusively to its Lumia smartphones , with a sequence number (v2.10) lower than that available for all Windows Phone devices (v2.11). 
And in the past few hours Foursquare for Nokia Lumia devices  is been upgraded to version 2.12 , with no changelog to illustrate the changes from the "normal" version.
This update may be the prologue to a future more clearly differentiating the two versions of Foursquare, perhaps with a deeper integration with Nokia Drive or City Lens, as Nokia is focusing its services and applications dedicated to mapping and geolocation, strong a unique experience in the field.
To install the app free bets on Bing Vision QrCode or by clicking this link.

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