Tuesday, October 16, 2012

uTorrent Remote - The official BitTorrent app is now available on Windows Phone

uTorrent Remote has finally arrived and is now available for Windows Phone users. uTorrent Remote is the official mobile app of BitTorrent , a name that needs no introduction, since it is one of the most popular protocols aimed at the distribution and sharing of files on the Net In fact, the Microsoft's mobile operating system is not available the client itself, as a program to remotely control the uTorrent client that runs on a desktop PC.
Precisely for this reason, the uTorrent Remote is available free of charge and can be download from the Windows Phone Store.

Now, we can add , remove , start or stop the torrent , and check the progress . There is also the possibility of trying to download files through the browser on your phone or using RSS feeds .
Finally,very convenient way  if you have a flat and fast enough connection, you can transfer the completed files on your Windows Phone device .

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