Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nokia City Lens for Nokia Lumia WP7 is updated to version 1.5 beta with many new features

Nokia Labs released new update for  Nokia City Lens application for first generation Nokia Lumia devices (Lumia 900, 800 and 710 ,the Lumia 610 is not compatible).

The app has been updated to  version 1.5 with the introduction of a number of new features that will make the application more user friendly.
The new features in Nokia City Lens Beta are:
  • See only what is in front of you .Normally, City Lens see all the POIs in its vicinity, including distant ones.Particularly in areas crowded with buildings, this can cause you to lose time looking for what you want, but now with the new functionality Sightline you can switch to viewing only what is in your view.
  • Get information faster . Now you can quickly display the address of a place without closing the camera. Simply tap the screen to display the information overlay on the display while you are scanning the surrounding area. And to get more complete information just a simple tap.
  • Pause the display . While scanning the surroundings with the camera it is now possible to "pause" and analyze the options without having to hold the phone pointed at the target.
  • Add to the Start Screen favorite categories . Just a simple tap on a category you prefer to add it to the home screen and access them with one touch.
  • Create Live Tiles . Nokia City Lens now lets you create Live Tiles to be placed in the Start Screen with places and favorite searches.
As mentioned this is a beta version, so if you install does not overwrite any full version that you already have on your device. The news mentioned above will certainly be included in a stable release is made available to download from the Store in the coming days, but if you try to preview just click the link or scan the QR Code below.

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