Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nokia Transport Beta 3.1 for Windows Phone is now available for download

Nokia Beta Labs has released a new update for its Nokia Transport Beta app. Nokia Transport Beta is exclusive application  for Nokia Lumia  devices and has been bumped to version 3.1.

What’s New  
  • This release brings to Windows Phone 7 most of the exciting new features already available in Nokia Transport for Windows Phone 8. 
  • Building on its smart, easy-to-use interface, Nokia Transport 3.1 for Windows Phone 7 introduces new features to make it even easier to simply glance and go. A new segment map provides a detailed map view for each part of your route that orients to where you are and shows where you need to be next. What’s more, Nokia Transport 3.1 lets you look at future routes and departure times, so you can plan ahead for your trip across town.
  • Combined segment map & detail view - orient yourself at a glance
  • Just tap or swipe a specific segment of your journey to expand an intuitive map and detail view that easily lets you see where you are and where you need to be. Another tap or swipe collapses the view. Now you can relax and enjoy the ride instead of worrying about whether you’re at the right station
  • Icons help you choose the right destination
  • Search results now have icons so you can distinguish the Rockefeller Center subway stop from the Rockefeller Center itself at a glance
  • Set date and time - now you can plan ahead
  • Meeting up for dinner later? Simply enter your desired date and time to view your route options, and then choose the one that works best for you. Now you know what time you need to leave, the station you need to get to, and the train you need to catch.
  • New departure time display options - have it your way
  • Some of us like knowing what time a train leaves. Some of us like knowing how much time we left have until the train leaves. Now you can choose to display departure times either by actual times (e.g. 11:48 am), or relative times (e.g. now or in 13 minutes). So whatever makes sense to you, you can just glance and go.
  • Manage your destination history - easily delete to keep your history tidy
  • The latest version of Nokia Transport now also lets you easily delete your destination history for a clean, uncluttered display, and to make finding more recent destinations easier.
  • Miles or kilometers - it’s your choice -No matter where you are, Nokia Transport lets you choose how your distances are displayed to suit your preference. After all, you don’t want to miss a train because you thought 1 mile would only take you 3 minutes.
Key Features
  • Stations Nearby - never get lost: Easily discover which stop or station is closest, check upcoming departure times for buses, trains, trams, and more.
  • Destination history - your last stop is just a swipe away: A simple swipe left or right reveals your previous destinations with POI icons (e.g. hotels, restaurants, shops) making it easier than ever to find your way back to your hotel or to that little cafĂ© you discovered yesterday. Simply tap to see the route options from wherever you are.
  • Journey Planner - the best way around town: One view for all your public transportation information with integrated pedestrian, bus, train, and light rail for over 700 agencies worldwide. Review multiple integrated route options including the fastest way to get there from where you are.  Choose the route and time that work best for you and you are all set with detailed door-to-door routing.
  • Journey Details - never wait for a train again: Know when you’re supposed to be at the bus stop or train station so you can make the most of your time.
  • Detailed door-to-door routing: Integrated walking directions get you to your public transport station, as well as all the way to your final destination. Easily view your walk directions on a map or in a list view.
  • Pin to start - your homing beacon: Easily find your way back to your favorite destinations right from your start screen; get routes and departure times at a glance
  • Smart search: quickly search by address, point of interest or postal code to find the best route
  • Choose the right destination at a glance: Search results now have icons (e.g. transport stops, businesses, tourist sites, hotels, shops, restaurants) so you can easily pick the destination you want
  • Automatic over-the-air updates - they just happen. Information on service changes, new routes, and newly supported cities is automatically pushed to your phone, so you always have the latest route information and schedules.

More information and download link at Nokia Beta Labs

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