Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nokia Xpress Beta updated to version 0.9.8 with support for Windows Phone 8

Nokia Xpress Beta browser,is an exclusive application the Nokia Lumia devices and is one of the most interesting projects of Nokia Beta Labs.The Xpress Browser Beta for Nokia Lumia smartphones is a valid substitute the Internet Explorer browser and uses a system of cloud-based data compression which improves both the fast page rendering, both to contain the consumption of the same data.
Nokia Xpress Browser then includes additional features that allow you to save web pages, to translate, to search using the services of Bing, YouTube and WikiPedia. All enriched by a UI very accurate.

The Nokia Beta Labs have decided to continue to support the application, releasing in the day today the new update to version 0.9.8 beta, which extends the features available, optimizes performance and compatibility with your Windows Phone 8 smartphone. 
The changes introduced with the latest Nokia Xpress Beta release for Lumia devices include:

  • Download images. Long press on an image to download and save images to your Lumia device
  • Support of concurrent multiple tabs. This upgrade now delivers the ability to open multiple tabs in the browser so users can keep open web pages to view later
  • Enhanced UX for the Xpress homepage
  • Magazine Faster performance by intelligently pre-caching articles while on Wi-Fi
  • Added compatibility with Windows Phone 8

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