Friday, June 8, 2012

GMaps Pro - An excellent Google Maps app for Windows Phone is now free,but just for today

More good news for users of Windows Phone who prefer Google maps to those of Bing. After being returned to the WP Marketplace in recent days, GMaps Pro today will be free of charge for the whole day!
For those who had never heard of this app , GMaps Pro is definitely the best unofficial Google Maps client available for Windows Phone users. The promotion, in addition to the usual marketing requirements, arises from the fact that, to get her back on the Marketplace, it was necessary to load the application as a resubmission. 

To ensure, therefore, that buyers could go past to enjoy future updates without spending anything, it was decided to give it to everyone.

The offer is valid only today : at the moment has not started yet but probably this is due to time zone. All that remains is to monitor the WP Marketplace and look forward to and get this excellent app.
Normally GMaps Pro usually costs $1.99

Via WPCentral

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